Backup and Disaster Recovery

Standard backups consist only of your data files. This is obviously the most important aspect of a backup, but it does not encompass or address issues with server or workstation rebuilds. If you have a data-only backup, (such as tape, rotating cartridge or online), and experience something like a hard drive crash, you will have your data, but still be left with the very large task of re-installing the operating system, all the software and re-configuring the settings and functions.

We can offer backup solutions with automated nightly “images” of not only your data, but an exact replica/snapshot of your entire server or workstation. This image includes all software, users and settings, and thus is a true mirror of your system. This allows for much faster data and system recovery, and mobility, allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

If you have Backup and Disaster Recovery, recovering a missing file, replacing a crashed workstation or server, or getting back to work after a major disaster is simple as accessing images and pulling out the data you need or restoring the image to a new computer.

According to the SBA, over 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster. Don’t let your important data sit around unprotected! We can help you protect your data from unforeseen events that can threaten the productivity of your business.

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