What We Do

We help our clients find the right Supplier with the right Solution

Our process starts with an audit of all telecom carrier services. Once we have a summarized telecom inventory report we can identify any network surplus or deficiencies. This inventory report, along with a diagram of your network identifies providers, circuit IDs, phone numbers, and gives us a good base from which to work. This practice has proven time and time again to be an excellent tool for increasing efficiency and finding monthly savings for our clients’ operational budget.

Service Selection and Pricing

Once we have a complete understanding of your network and your needs, we gather bids from several different carriers, with a focus on finding the sweet spot of service and price.

Ordering Services and Project Management

Negotiating contract term, price and legalities of the commitment between the telecommunications provider and our client is the core purpose of our business. Once the contract is executed, it is assigned to an internal order coordinator to ensure the progression of the order, coordinate installation and follow up on completion of order for any billing questions.

Product Support: After the services are installed, we can help ensure that everything works the way it should, that your first bill is correct, and if you need additional support, we can escalate trouble tickets with the carrier, if necessary.  Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with the level of customer service provided by our team, from start to finish.

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